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Infanterieregiment Sachsen-Weißenfels


The regiment was founded after fairly long negotiations between Kurfuerst Friedrich August I (August the strong- who was King of Poland at the same time as well) and Duke Johann Georg of Saxony- Weissenfels on the 1st May 1704. Oberst von Buenau who already served for Weissenfels was given the task of building up the regiment. Langensalza which already belonged to the kingdom of Saxony- Weissenfels was the base and the regiment was stationed there for 110 years. In 1711 Duke and General Field Marshall Johann Adolph II took over the regiment until his death in 1746. The regiment took part in the military battles of the war of spanish Succession to fight for the inheritance of the throne (1701-1714), in the Polish Succession for the crown (1733-1735) and the first and second Silesian war (1740-1742 and 1744-1745). After the death of Duke Johann Adolph II in 1746 Prince Clemens took over the regiment and it was named after him. The end of the regiment came in 1813 but until then it took part in battles during the Seven Year´s War (1756-1763), the Bavarian succession war, the first and fourth ‘Coalition war’ (1792-1797 and 1806/07). From the end of 1807 it also fought with France in different campaigns against Austria & Russia. The regiment dissolved in 1813. It was then divided between the second and third provisional ‘Line Infrantry Regiment’.